When “we, the people” became “me, the people”

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Scammers ‘make bank’; desperate folks attempt to make ends meet.

Lexicon and register matter. Bragging about money is in, whether you have it or not, as long as no one questions your allegations. “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich,” one Donald J. Trump said two years ago.

Under predatory capitalism, there’s no success without sacrifice, you always lose something in the process, be it ethics, self-respect, or hope.

How can we respect anyone else if we don’t first extend this common courtesy to ourselves? When ‘making bank’ involves spin, alternative facts, and antagonizing, there is no basic common decency left. …

When your hopes are someone else’s paycheck

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There are many conversations the internet is refusing to have with honesty, this is one of them. Since those are desperate times for many of us, we probably should. Right now, your livelihood may be a distant memory or even a receding one. But you’re the self-reliant, creative, enterprising type so you’ve taken it upon yourself to build a new life from scratch writing online and you’re very, very excited about it.

Cool. Hang on to this. Hard.

Enthusiasm is fuel. It can see you through everything.

Protecting, nurturing, and growing it will be your biggest challenge, especially if your situation is precarious. When you worry constantly about shelter and food and health care, there’s no mental or emotional respite. Try as you might, you can’t get out of your head unless you’re asleep, i.e. …

On parsing the root causes of self-inflicted political distress

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Political graphic by Marvin Moose on flickr

Could Trump be the most honest representation of America to date?

Offensive though he comes across to many, the CEO of America Inc. is hardly a shocking sight in a country where profiteering is its own form of culture and greed is a virtue.

In the US, everything is commodified and has a price tag; many are the people who can’t stop bragging about how much they make and have, as if their humanness accrued with every extra dollar.

It’s no wonder the initial mannered outrage that used to greet every new air bubble Trump released on twitter was eventually replaced with detachment and resignation. …

The difference between America and Europe isn’t just the size of portions and people. We relate to food differently.

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I got my first cookery book as a Christmas present when I was around 6, old enough to read and understand simple instructions like how to make bread. Flour, water, yeast, a small amount of sugar to activate it, a pinch of salt, and — if my memory serves me right — a dash of olive oil.

The recipe was foolproof, as befits recipes in a book aimed at children; it had fun, quirky illustrations, too. Although my mother bought it for me, there never was any expectation I would follow in my grandfather’s or uncle’s footsteps and become a baker. Or a pastry chef like one of my other uncle or my cousin. …

Take pity on the wealthy, having money during a global crisis is apparently very stressful

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Money-grubbing is intensifying before the Trump gravy train derails.

Between Biden bashers scrambling to secure a place on the right side of history by denigrating the communities they live in — alleging they are ‘better’ than MAGA hats, bumper stickers, and truck nuts even though it takes courage to wear one’s opinions with pride — and those trying to mollycoddle bloviators quoting Mr Rogers, political chaos and pandemic profiteering show no sign of abating.

Once again, failure to listen and talk to those who saw a savior in Donald Trump is coming to bite us on the proverbial while we declare to whoever will listen that we are beyond reproach. …

Write smarter, not greedier

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Mirror, mirror on the Facebook wall, who is the piggiest of them all?

Since 2016, there’s been no shortage of grifters monetizing this very long moment by worshipping at the altar of make-believe, growing their self at the expense of everyone else’s, most particularly those who look up to them and see an example, an inspiration, and a savior.

It became all about showing the world, an internet, and the ego what hubris could do. And here we are, in an era where ideas are at least secondhand, thoughts are ghostwritten, and human attention span is more evanescent than ever. …

The world will not end even if Trump is re-elected

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Photo by Joni Ludlow on Unsplash

Words on the internet scare me.

The zeitgeist of self-delusion is snorting its own hype and almost everyone has achieved fluency in fear, unwittingly or not. While I readily admit mine comes from a place that may not be entirely rational, my current geographical coordinates tell you all you need to know. Four years ago, I had no idea I’d end up back in Europe. After less than a month of Trump, I wrote about the parallels between depression and fascism. …

When core human values are words that have lost their meaning

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Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash

Our reality is the sum of all the choices we make, starting with the words we use to describe and document it. Right now, our reality is very much askew. We are trapped in a Billy Joel song, either Big Shot or Honesty, the latter a concept so corrupted by Trumpism it has come to mean the exact opposite.

Instead, honesty now embodies the zeitgeist of deceit, delusion, and ultimately dumb.

Between Honest Trump who, unlike any other politician in the history of US politics — allegedly — tells it like it is because he isn’t a politician but a straight-talking business tycoon and Honest Alex Jones who claims being honest as his superpower, the last four years have drastically expanded the definitions of some of the words we use to refer to core human values. Honesty has gone toxic and turned into a red flag to watch out for. Never mind that politicians have never been known for telling the truth anyway while sales people have their ways for making it appear as flexible as your budget allows. …

A gentler way to campaign

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A Most Outstanding Feline Operative at work — photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

In our history, we will always recall the day the Candidate invoked the power of cat, thus deploying fuzzy respite and relief across social media through a thread of gentleness that, at the time of writing, continues to gather pace. Oct. 17 was the day the fierce claw rockets came soaring above the trash fire.

We knew then our moment had come.

For years, operatives like myself have been subtly seasoning our copy and spiking your reading experience with ‘pawpaganda’ by alluding to the true nature of our mission. Thanks to conspiracy theories, we fly under the radar so we can infiltrate every last recess of the human heart at leisure. …

The end result is somewhat concerning

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Those who stand for nothing will go along with anything for fear of causing offense. Cowardice, by default, does exactly that. And so do politically correct weather vanes who hop onto whatever is trending, which, regrettably, happens to be showmanship, the spectacle of humanness declined in endless hues of complementary colors that span a visible light spectrum that only seems to go from orange to blue.

There is no nuance, only shade.

But it is also fair game as long as it keeps paying. Things no longer have to be real to exist, everything is a sleight of hand, a plot twist, theater where hearts and minds can be traded on this bizarro collective exchange of assorted hallucinations that is the digital human marketplace of us. …


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