Our Bodies are Smelly

When mouth and penis meet

When the spontaneous urge to shed clothes strikes, this can make for a smelly surprise. It may be followed by reluctance to proceed with fellatio lest the mouth holder should end up with, well, penis breath.

Much as it isn’t necessarily fun for the mouth holder to be on the receiving end of a malodorous member, a mouth reeking of, say, garlic may be a little off-putting.

While personal hygiene can go a long way toward making fellatio a mutually enjoyable experience, standards do vary.

After all, resourcefulness doesn’t have to be strictly non-sexual: Fellatio may help defuse intense situations, relieve stress, and give the brain a boost.

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I write possible・ 💌 khe@tuta.io ・ 💛 https://ko-fi.com/kittyhannaheden

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