In all fairness, not every piece of writing is a desperate cry for attention / validation or designed to hijack clicks, Jonathan Greene.

Some document our shared humanity while reminding us of what truly matters. They enlighten and provide food for thought…

Alas, the distinction between typing on the internet and writing isn’t obvious to all. Language suffers as the flood of ego-driven filler content makes finding interestingness increasingly difficult and frustrating. And hashtags don’t help, especially as no one has the honesty to use #LookAtMe or #MeMeMe.

But… the mental health community uses a lot of hashtags on twitter as a way for sufferers to support one another. You see someone in pain and you send them random love if you can, it’s how it works. It’s all about being as human as possible in a world that looks down on anyone who appears weakened for any reason. (Check out #SickNotWeak, which originated in Canada.)

I don’t have much free time so my social media use is sporadic and something that enhances my life in short bursts… I don’t have Facebook and only recently got WhatsApp so I could send my stepmom pictures (she’s an Android, I’m an iPhone, we don’t live in the same country).

My digital life is an extension of my meatspace life: it’s about curiosity, thoughtful connection, and mutually enriching conversations, not noise. :-)

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I write possible・ 💌 ・ 💛

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