We’re Never Our Own Boss

Even freelancers depend on other people

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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

In practice, you’re so anxious about making ends meet you even sacrifice rest to monetize as much of your time as possible.

This is why you never power down your devices; this is why you chain yourself to your desk seven days a week despite telling everyone your time is your own.

And yet, we so-called wage slaves and we alleged own bosses are the same side of the same coin; we both gloat about the perks of our chosen method of enslavement and believe we have it better than the other side.

When the specter of hardship is taking up much of your mental bandwidth, this isn’t helpful for mental health or indeed creativity.

Whether we’re employees, entrepreneurs, or self-employed, we’re all beholden to other people in some way.

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